Potted Plant

Every house has its quirks. Some have doors that don’t shut just quite right, others have yard sheds full of old lawn equipment that has passed from homeowner to homeowner, and some have ivy growing from foundation to roof enshrouding it into a aura of mythicism like something out of a fantasy story. Our house … Continue reading Potted Plant

Inter-Dimensional Day Trip With Bigfoot

I've been falling down the nostalgia hole of classic episodes of Coast to Coast AM. If you don't know what that show is it's a nightly radio show about UFOs, ghosts, and cryptids. The show is completely ridiculous and unbelievable and that's precisely why I love it. I don't personally believe in paranormal encounters, but … Continue reading Inter-Dimensional Day Trip With Bigfoot


I've fallen out of the habit of these weekly flash fiction prompts. Well, I'm back with a short story about some cassettes in the attic. https://imgur.com/a/nt2RgIi I got myself a cassette player. A Sony Walkman to be exact. Bought it off a retro electronics store online for a hundred and ten bucks. A steep price … Continue reading Cassettes

The Lonely Grave

Written for the weekly prompt on the I Am A Writer Facebook Group https://imgur.com/HENdMWe Somewhere within the neighborhood, between 1507 Windward Street and 1509 Windward Street, just where the lots begin to become overgrown with the dull green plant species that make up the wild underbrush of the neighborhood, rest the Lonely Grave. Upon first … Continue reading The Lonely Grave

The Pups in the Yard (Second Draft)

I decided to give this story a second draft treatment because I didn't think my first draft did it justice. A lot has changed between the first draft and the second so I recommend reading this one if you've already read the first edition. Enjoy! The pups roamed the yard, each of their noses pointed … Continue reading The Pups in the Yard (Second Draft)

The Pups in the Yard (First Draft)

The pups roamed the backyard, their noses pointed directly towards the ground in search any new and novel smells from creatures that had passed through the yard earlier that morning. Any smell would satisfy their curiosity but only the scent of a squirrel cold really satisfy their playful desires. One of these days, both dogs … Continue reading The Pups in the Yard (First Draft)