Inter-Dimensional Day Trip With Bigfoot

I've been falling down the nostalgia hole of classic episodes of Coast to Coast AM. If you don't know what that show is it's a nightly radio show about UFOs, ghosts, and cryptids. The show is completely ridiculous and unbelievable and that's precisely why I love it. I don't personally believe in paranormal encounters, but … Continue reading Inter-Dimensional Day Trip With Bigfoot


I've fallen out of the habit of these weekly flash fiction prompts. Well, I'm back with a short story about some cassettes in the attic. I got myself a cassette player. A Sony Walkman to be exact. Bought it off a retro electronics store online for a hundred and ten bucks. A steep price … Continue reading Cassettes

The Bowl

Not sure where this idea came from, but it's something spooky for Halloween. (Who thought that a picture of sugar could spark those thoughts?) They ate in silence, the air between them only filled with the sounds of their forks and knives as their utensils scraped against the gray porcelain plates. Mike opted for … Continue reading The Bowl

Enjoy It While It Lasts

Another Friday, another picture prompt. Today's pic reminded me of just how precious our moment in time is, and we should enjoy it while it lasts. Enjoy! "Isn't it amazing, the view?" Luke said. His back was against the ground, his gaze facing the stars above. In the distance, crickets chirped and frogs croaked."Enjoy … Continue reading Enjoy It While It Lasts