The Mark & The Drone

Inspired by this prompt. This is a part of my Adventures of Dar'goth Series, an ongoing series about the Old God of Madness, Dar'goth, as he tries to navigate the modern world. You saw her on the street corner of Applemath Avenue and Obsidian Drive. Middle aged. Caucasian. Slim stature. Donning a Karen like haircut, … Continue reading The Mark & The Drone

The Final Temple

The adventures of the old god Dar'goth continues! This time Dar'goth is in need of desperate help to pass his code inspection so he does what any sort of ancient-evil-trying-to-navigate-modern-times would do: he opens up a portal in time & space to summon his most loyal follower and architect of his temples. (Originally submitted to … Continue reading The Final Temple

John the Conman: Or Why One Should Never Impersonate an Old God Upon His Return

The return of Dar’goth had been long prophesied for the latter half of the decade. The old god of unspeakable horrors would soon emerge in the form of human flesh an avatar for his conquest. As Dar’goth would soon march across the countryside carrying with him a tome of unspeakable magic bound by human flesh, … Continue reading John the Conman: Or Why One Should Never Impersonate an Old God Upon His Return

Code Inspection

It's not often that a writing prompt truly captivates me for more than a few hundred words. With the exception of a few 1000+ word stories written in response to a few prompts such as Retirement, Boxed In, The LSA, to name a few, most of my responses are fairly short. Not to mention that … Continue reading Code Inspection

Unregistered Tenants

This story was originally submitted to this writing prompt. Little did I know at the time that this short 400+ word story would be the kernel that lead to a five hour writing session where I churned out a 5000+ word sequel titled Code Inspection to this tiny dialogue only story. I hope you enjoy … Continue reading Unregistered Tenants