The Bowl

Not sure where this idea came from, but it's something spooky for Halloween. (Who thought that a picture of sugar could spark those thoughts?) They ate in silence, the air between them only filled with the sounds of their forks and knives as their utensils scraped against the gray porcelain plates. Mike opted for … Continue reading The Bowl

The Pups in the Yard (Second Draft)

I decided to give this story a second draft treatment because I didn't think my first draft did it justice. A lot has changed between the first draft and the second so I recommend reading this one if you've already read the first edition. Enjoy! The pups roamed the yard, each of their noses pointed … Continue reading The Pups in the Yard (Second Draft)

The Pups in the Yard (First Draft)

The pups roamed the backyard, their noses pointed directly towards the ground in search any new and novel smells from creatures that had passed through the yard earlier that morning. Any smell would satisfy their curiosity but only the scent of a squirrel cold really satisfy their playful desires. One of these days, both dogs … Continue reading The Pups in the Yard (First Draft)