Just Keeping Tabs Part 1

This story was originally submitted to this prompt. This is part 1 of a new series by me titled Just Keeping Tabs. Will I complete it? Who knows, but I love horror and I love meta-narratives so expect a few entries from me in the future. Everybody has their genre. Some prefer comedies, others action … Continue reading Just Keeping Tabs Part 1

The Mark & The Drone

Inspired by this prompt. This is a part of my Adventures of Dar'goth Series, an ongoing series about the Old God of Madness, Dar'goth, as he tries to navigate the modern world. You saw her on the street corner of Applemath Avenue and Obsidian Drive. Middle aged. Caucasian. Slim stature. Donning a Karen like haircut, … Continue reading The Mark & The Drone

A Completely Reasonable Solution to Testing Human Spaceflight

Originally submitted to this prompt. Silence filled the board room. And not the silence of shock and disgust one would have expected when the CEO just dropped her “brilliant” idea of offering free trips to the downtrodden members of society inside the company’s new economic personal low Earth orbit shuttle like human crash test dummies. … Continue reading A Completely Reasonable Solution to Testing Human Spaceflight