Just Keeping Tabs Part 1

This story was originally submitted to this prompt. This is part 1 of a new series by me titled Just Keeping Tabs. Will I complete it? Who knows, but I love horror and I love meta-narratives so expect a few entries from me in the future. Everybody has their genre. Some prefer comedies, others action … Continue reading Just Keeping Tabs Part 1

The Mark & The Drone

Inspired by this prompt. This is a part of my Adventures of Dar'goth Series, an ongoing series about the Old God of Madness, Dar'goth, as he tries to navigate the modern world. You saw her on the street corner of Applemath Avenue and Obsidian Drive. Middle aged. Caucasian. Slim stature. Donning a Karen like haircut, … Continue reading The Mark & The Drone

You are viewing selected reviews for Raine’s Spells & Potions, LLC

It ain't easy being a small business owner, especially in such a trendy market such as witchcraft. (Originally submitted here) Review Average: 3.7 out of 5. ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⚝ ⚝ Great rates, only costs about an eye and a half of a newt compared to what you’d find at other witch crafters with their … Continue reading You are viewing selected reviews for Raine’s Spells & Potions, LLC

The Final Temple

The adventures of the old god Dar'goth continues! This time Dar'goth is in need of desperate help to pass his code inspection so he does what any sort of ancient-evil-trying-to-navigate-modern-times would do: he opens up a portal in time & space to summon his most loyal follower and architect of his temples. (Originally submitted to … Continue reading The Final Temple

Abinmo & David

Abinmo had just finished his final probing of his human subject. The machinery of the Human Analysis 5000™️ (New Millennium Edition) sighed as the various pneumatic tubes relieved their pressure and pulled out the ends of each probe from every opening larger than a space quarter of the human's flesh. A simple bag and tag … Continue reading Abinmo & David