The Midnight Bus

Prompt: Your bus driver is a burly man with a mechanical leg plugged into the vehicle. The bus roars at each shift of the transmission. A vulture the size of a building is picking at freshly dismantled cars in the middle of the road. You hear the bus driver shout, “Time for battle!” Source: … Continue reading The Midnight Bus

Community Meeting

Prompt: You live in a world with a giant angry ball of energy that floats around in the sky. If you look at it, you go blind. If you have exposed skin, it burns. Everyone, except you, just accepts this as "normal" Source: The community center smelled of dust and cheap pizza, residents shuffled … Continue reading Community Meeting


Writing Prompt: (character) has telepathic abilities. Trouble is they can't turn it off so have to hear people's thoughts all the time. Good detective though.  (source)   .... this coffee's a little bitter, I should add some cream.... .... I’m getting tired of my beat; I need to speak to the captain... . ...the psycho's … Continue reading Rain