Billionaire Brutus Mayne Invests into Prison Reform!

This story was originally submitted to this writing prompt on reddit.

Mothman City, MH. Local billionaire and philanthropist Brutus Mayne has publicly announced that he plans on seriously investing into prison reform within the state. Mayne, after having toured Markham State Asylum for the Criminally Insane, states that he was “horrified” and “devastated” by the living conditions the inmates there are living in and plans on “improving them to a more humane and modern living conditions.” Markham State Asylum is what some would call the second home to the dubbed “rogues gallery” of local vigilante Catman, housing such infamous criminals such as the Jester, Sculpture Head, The Tuxedo, Blame!, and even Toxic Garden to name a few. Villains who the public would rather see off the streets and punished for their vile deeds.

In Mayne’s press conference he states that he plans on working closely with the state legislator and governor in reforming the conditions at Markham State Asylum. An uphill battle for sure since most of the public would rather see the state prison’s security increased rather than the quality of life, given the frequent prison escapes each of these criminals make on a yearly basis. (Markham has reported at least 18 escapes from the “rogues” within the past year alone). Mayne, however, believes that improving upon the living conditions might reduce that number. Mayne even stated that he is willing to fund any politician’s campaign that is willing to invest into this reform, and even shouted out local DA Harry Dennis who has recently announced his campaign for the office of the state’s Attorney General. Only time will tell if Mr. Mayne’s strategy works.

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