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It ain’t easy being a small business owner, especially in such a trendy market such as witchcraft. (Originally submitted here)

Review Average: 3.7 out of 5.

⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⚝ ⚝

Great rates, only costs about an eye and a half of a newt compared to what you’d find at other witch crafters with their absurdly high prices around these parts of town. However, I suppose you get what you pay for. I struggle with insomnia and Raine’s sleeping hex seemed to have been overdone putting me into a six week comma. Ended up getting fired from work for a no show. I’d give her two stars but I’ve never felt so well rested before in my life. So there’s that I guess.

  • Anthony H

Anthony. Thank you so much for the review and I’m happy to have provided you with the best sleep in you life, but if I recall correctly I explicitly told you that all sleeping hexes are designed to last weeks at the bare minimum. They were designed to put one’s enemies into a long slumber in order to subdue them, or take hostages. I’ll say what I said to you then: GO SEE A DOCTOR.



⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⚝

Raine is awesome!

  • Kelly P.

Thank you Kelly! Question though, why the 4 stars and not 5? I’m sorry if that comes off as blunt, I’m always open to feedback and I want to know how I can improve.

Signed: an eager young witch always looking for improvements,


⭐ ⚝ ⚝ ⚝ ⚝

If I could give no star I would. I went in here expecting a sandwich shop not one of those trendy witchcraft shops that’s popping up on every freaking street corner. Witches should rebrand, I’m tired of walking into every freaking witch’s market only to realize I can’t eat anything in there.

  • David L.

David, I have no idea how you mistook my little shop as a sandwich shop. I don’t even have “Witchcraft” in the name!

Your friendly neighborhood witch,


⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐

Wonderful witch. Thanks to Raine’s help I was able to finally get revenge upon the man who killed my father with her hex of eternal torment. Now my great nemesis is trapped in the endless void suffering until the end of everything. Thank you Raine, you really made my quest to avenge his death so much easier. Now I can finally relax.

Igino M.

Finally a review where something went right, exactly as it was intended. Happy to help you on your revenge quest Ignio! Just be sure to have you and your descendants renew your corporeal damnation permits every century with the Council of the Dammed if you want to maintain the eternal status of his prison. Otherwise he’ll be permitted to be let go and he’ll be very very angry and might take it out on your unborn loved ones.

Your partner in vengeance,


⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐

I’d like to thank Raine so much for providing excellent customer service and helping me out so much with my personal troubles. My love life had been struggling for years. Having been in a rather one way relationship where my love always ignored me, sometimes never even bothering to address me whenever I saw him, other times he’d act like he forgot my face entirely. Not to mention that he freaking blocked me online. Rude. Anyways, thanks to Raine’s wonderful love potion I was able to take our relationship to the next level and have my restraining order official overturned! Now he can’t keep his hands off of me. Just yesterday he proposed. Of course I said yes. Thank you so much Raine. <3

  • Future Mr. & Mrs. Caleb Woodriver

Thank you so much for your kind review Future Mrs. Woodriver. Uh, question though is this the Caleb Woodrive from DSYNC? (Devil I hope not). Either way I’m beginning to think that you may have not been 100% truthful with me when you told me your reasoning for a love potion and what you did is highly illegal and I’d rather not have my name attached to this. Can you please delete your review? Pretty please.


I’d rather you not say anything further about this. To ANYONE.

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